Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Can you feel that rush of adrenaline? Can you feel that need for being in motion? Can you feel the cold and wonderfully squishy sensation of dirt under your shoes? That’s precisely how TRUE STORY ambassadors feel. They feel like giving 100% and a little more of themselves. And our hearts burn for people like that – crazy, daring, fearless. Those who work hard and play hard to reach their true potential, who create their own TRUE STORIES. Whether on wheels, skis or their own two feet. Our ambassadors help us grow by giving valuable feedback on TRUE STORY garments after endless hours of intense testing. 
Are you on your way to something prodigious or maybe you have signed up for your very first 5k race without any background for running? Does people often tell you about your hidden talent for story telling? Drop us a message and tell why you would be a perfect fit for our ambassador crew. 

Brand owner, World champion 2012

edgars bertuks

Middle distance World champion 2012 and two times bronze medalist in long distance. The first and so far the only orienteering World championships winner from Baltic states. Born in a small Latvian town Aluksne where he inherited his deep passion for sports from his parents. Edgars has always been keen on sharing his expertise with likeminded people. Creating a sportswear brand was one of the best ways to turn his experience and legacy into something tangible.
In the very beginning of 2018 TRUE STORY was born. Same year as World championships were held in Latvia.

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Avid long distance skier, Nordenskiöldsloppet 2022 finisher

Kristoffer Hjärtström

Crazy Swedish guy. Born at the Arctic circle and has always been drawn to the extreme. In early summer of 2021 signed up for longest skiing marathon on the planet - 220km Nordenskiöldsloppet. Ten months later it took him 12h16'10" to finish race in a solid 35th spot. Has been on his skis ever since.

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Team Latvia best female athlete

Sandra Grosberga

Rising star of Latvian orienteering. Blessed with raw talent, deeply professional attitude und unbeatable work ethics. Clearly on her’s way to international victories. Follow Sandra’s journey towards pinnacle of success.

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