TRUE STORY is a contemporary sportswear brand that extends beyond ordinary. Established by orienteering World champion Edgars Bertuks and fellow orienteers seeking to share their experience through stories of their own. Our goal at TRUE STORY is to constantly challenge ourselves by creating coolest looking sportswear on planet and have fun while doing so. Just like you, we are passionate about great outdoors and we strive to keep it like that. With our biggest treasure - planet Earth - being on its limits we decided to do it right from the very beginning. All TRUE STORY garments are made following the “on-demand” principle. What does it mean in real life? We don’t keep our collections in endless piles of stock. We don’t have to throw away a single item just because it didn’t get sold since it wasn’t produced in first place. Less logistics, less waste, more resources for future. It all starts at the moment you make a purchase. So - YES - we make garments exclusively for you!


Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Can you feel that rush of blood? Can you feel that need for being in motion? Can you feel the cold and wonderfully squishy sensation of dirt under your tires? That’s precisely how TRUE STORY ambassadors feel. They feel like giving 100% and a little more of themselves. And our hearts burn for people like that – crazy, daring, fearless. Those who work hard and play hard to reach their true potential, who create their TRUE STORIES. Whether on wheels or their own two feet. Our ambassadors help us grow by giving valuable feedback on TRUE STORY garments after endless hours of intense training.



Sharing is caring! We are stoked to see your pics, reviews, and your feedback; we’re ecstatic to be a part of your journey whether it’s from your practice, your races or trips around the world. Keep on tagging us and feel free to add #TRUESTORYSPORT to keep the community alive!