Our own story stars with a little boy and his most daring dream of becoming a pro athlete one day. Two decades later, in summer of 2012 he won first ever gold medal for Latvia in beautiful sport of orienteering and added two bronze medals to the list shortly after.

Edgars Bertuks founded TRUE STORY in beginning of 2018 as a way to share his expertise with the World and to continue his legacy far beyond the historical victory. 2018 was also a year when for the first time in history World orienteering championships were held in Sigulda, Latvia. Edgars own version on birth of a brand: "As a former pro athlete I was looking for ways to stay connected with our beautiful sport. Creating a sportswear was one of the best ways to turn my experience and heritage into something tangible. It has been quite a ride so far and without a doubt it will continue to be the most interesting and demanding project I have ever been a part of”.


Welcome to TRUE STORY - a truly stylish sportswear that makes you stand out form a crowd. We believe in quality over quantity, which is why we don't produce excess inventory. By producing our clothing “on demand”, we can reduce waste and ensure that every piece of clothing is created with care and attention to the tiniest details.

Understanding that every body is unique, we want to ensure that your clothing fits you perfectly, no matter size or shape. With our “made-to-order” process, we can create a custom size just for you, ensuring that you get the perfect fit every time.

We believe that sportswear should empower you to feel good, look good, and do good for the planet.


From "home ground" sport of orienteering we have evolved to a full scale endurance sport brand. At the moment we offer customised sportswear for orienteering, cycling, triathlon, XC skiing, trail running and running. This is unique combination in Baltic states and we are especially proud to be truly a local brand. Meaning all our garments are made in Riga, Latvia with all the fabrics being sourced from European suppliers exclusively.


We put a lot of effort and focus (and part of our soul too) into creating great looking garments without compromising on quality and fitting. Our goal is to create sportswear that "turns heads" and make it available for everyone independently of skill, success level or activity. No matter if you are a pro athlete, absolute novice or hobby seeker - you have come to the right place!