We heard about this awesome athlete Dins Vecāns in 2016 – at time when TRUE STORY as a sportswear brand was in its diapers – but from the first moment when we met Dins we understood- he is the perfect match to TRUE STORY brand and our values - that we couldn’t resist helping this guy in his unbelievable feat.

Dins Vecāns is a 29 years old Architect from Latvia whose passion is running. Long distance running, ultra long distance running, crazy long distance running.


The first project where we supported Dins with running clothing was his attempt to run 28 marathons in 28 days in 28 different Europe’s capital cities.
„28-28-28” – a marathon all across Europe with the aim to draw attention and support to a charity movement called „Dr. Clown” - as an integrated component of care for pediatric cancer patients. The run took place on a treadmill device throughout each of the 28 capital cities of Europe.
The main goal of this project was to draw public attention to the fact that the process of treating children with oncological diseases is much more complex and tough than for adults. Such children need someone who can help endure their fight with the disease at least a little more cheerfully and smoothly – someone like a clown. The project „Dr. Clown” has been functioning in Latvia since 2012. It manages a child-friendly environment in hospitals. The marathon campaign „28-28-28” is aimed to promote „Dr. Clown” and encourage people to donate to this project online ( and during all the youth culture and sports events held by the organisation “Ghetto Games”.

Dins goal was very ambitious and most of those involved had some doubts about outcome of the project, but as days went by we saw Dins running one marathon distance after another and at some point we knew that nothing is going to stop this man from nothing gonna stop this man on his way to the goal! 

Around Latvia
Another mind-blowing project Dins did in 2017 was to run around Latvia. Literally running on the border around the whole country! This was Dins gift for his homeland in its 100 year anniversary!
1740km in 21 days. That's an average of 80+ kilometres a day, 21 days in a row!!
TRUE STORY supported Dins with custom-made running clothing that was a supportive element in such extreme endurance conditions.

The whole Latvia was following Dins along his adventure. People from cities, suburbs and countryside each day was joining Dins and running with him a couple of km together - in such a way showing support and respect for his attempt.
Dins is a true inspiration for all of us - all undiscovered heroes - boys and girls who have a passion for motion and endurance. As Dins have an amazing TRUE STORY to tell - we are now working on capturing his story in video material so we can share it with all of you - so stay tuned!

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