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One of our first cooperation was with Latvian Orienteering Federation (LOF) where we agreed to be Latvian Orienteering Federation sportswear clothing sponsor for season 2017-2018. This meant that we agreed to be friends for Latvia National orienteering team and provide them with functional training and racing sportswear for upcoming seasons.

Especially for Latvian National Orienteering team, we created custom team sportswear design that includes special Latvian signs:

<<< Laima sign- good luck and happiness symbol;
^ God sign- smartness symbol;
V Māra sign- health symbol;

We really believed that this magical signs will help Latvian National Orienteering team to create some TRUE STORIES in upcoming events!

Our cooperation with LOF started by providing sports clothing for Latvian youth orienteering national team that participated in EYOC, Slovakia.

We were really happy to receive the news that Latvian M-18 youth team has won Silver medals in Relay – this was a great beginning of our cooperation with LOF and proved that this custom made design with Latvian signs gives power to the ones that wear the clothing – was actually living proof 😊

Honey in our ears was the comments from Youth National team coach that TRUE STORY custom made orienteering clothing made special environment and brought up the team spirit – which inspired young talents to show off their best performance in the championship.

Next cooperation we made with Latvian National Junior orienteering team which took part in Junior World Orienteering Championship in Finland. Even though Juniors didn’t achieve top10 or podium places  (best being Uldis Upītis with 20th place in Long distance Final)- TRUE STORY team still gives huge respect for the good fight, team spirit and showing good future potential.

This is why we love to support undiscovered heroes – cause sooner or later they will be discovered- as these guys and girls don’t stop until they are satisfied.  And TRUE STORIES is not always about victories- they are as much the same about the journey itself – sweat, pain, hassle, emotions, regrets – this is why they are TRUE and inspirational!

The top spotlight events in 2017 and nerve-racking support was for the Latvian National Orienteering team participation in World Orienteering Championship in Estonia and World Cup event in Latvia. It was simply a pleasure to see TRUE STORY sportswear in action in top-level competition and standing out with simply cool design – enjoy:

And of course – Latvian National orienteering team didn’t leave us without some great achievements- 5th place for men and 6th place for the women relay team in World cup event:

Did we already mentioned that custom design with Latvian power signs hidden inside the shirts and trousers does the magic?

And of course our cooperation continues and we keep supporting LOF in 2018:

MTB-O and SKI-O Latvian national teams:

YES – it is as it seems – we have had very fruitful and cool collaboration with LOF so far – TRUE STORY.

We know that 2018 will be not least exciting- as World Orienteering Championship will be held in home ground for Latvian National Orienteering team.

Its really our pleasure to support these amazing athletes and we feel awesome seeing that they achieve their career highest achievements in TRUE STORY sportswear.

Stay tuned and give us a shout if you see or know some great undiscovered endurance sports hero – we might take him on our sponsorship program in order to make sure that some great TRUE STORIES are being made in future!


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