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Meet TRUE STORY brand ambassador Alexandr Hodan. He is an inspiring guy from Belarus who keeps doing what he loves telling his story to thousands of followers. There are no doubts that Alex is one of the most optimistic persons that we have in our team and he is always ready for proper training or exhausting competitions. Today we made a short interview with Alex and hope you will enjoy reading it.


It’s been a year since you become TRUE STORY brand ambassador, how did you come up with the idea to be a part of our team?

Alex: First, I was following to Edgars Bertuks on Instagram and there I saw a photo with him wearing TRUE STORY sportswear. I was thinking – ok, it is maybe a new sportswear brand, but I didn’t know anything about it. I was excited about the design and name of the brand. I just kept making my own photos and posting them on Instagram.

One day I found more photos on TRUE STORY sportswear Instagram account and then I understood all about it. I thought it was cool. A couple of months later I got a message from TRUE STORY account with a question if I would like to become a brand ambassador in Belarus. I reread it several times to make sure I understood it correctly. Yes! Of course, this was my answer and then I got more information about every detail.

Alex Hodan

How was this year for you?

Alex: This year was very rich in terms of content for me. I made many different trainings and I got new friends from other countries. I was training and competing in different countries, I run many orienteering races and trail running races. I didn’t win all of course but my performance was rather good.

What’s your personal “true story” about sports? Why do you feel so special about doing sports (orienteering, running, fitness, etc.)?

Alex: It is a difficult question, but only if you are doing things without knowing why you do it. I really love orienteering, running and being in touch with nature. And before I became a TRUE STORY Ambassador, I was trying to give people some useful information for doing sports and how to develop their skills. If you are open, you can take more energy in and give more to this world and others. When I became a TRUE STORY ambassador it made me more powerful because I like the philosophy of the brand. If you are not moving you simply can’t get extra energy.

Could you tell more about yourself – like in one paragraph the essence about you?

Alex: I was born in a family of non-athletes. Engaged in various sports. However, remained in orienteering for more than 17 years. I’ve never been an outstanding athlete. I like to do things that others don’t do in our sport. I like different challenges. I like to read different books. I work as a coach in orienteering. It gives me great pleasure to see the happy faces of my athletes who ran to the finish line. It makes me happy and I understand that I have found my place in this world. I am glad that I can be useful and bring joy to others.

As for my personal ambitions and goals in sports, it is still in front of me. I like to set goals and plan my way. First, I want to win Ultra Long Orienteering Championships in Belarus. Besides, I have my own Orienteering Club “Silwan Liuks” and I want to win Cup of Clubs in Belarus. Also, I want to prepare for a full Ironman race. I have also two sports projects such as Orienteering School and Universal running school “RUNOS”. There I train people for running and orienteering and educate them in sports.

What’s your biggest dream or maybe you have more than one?

Alex: Good question. I have a big dream of course. And my main dream is to live in Finland and do orienteering and organize some trainings for runners there. I also want to have a family and live in a wooden house in the forest. I think almost everyone wants the same :). Another big dream (now it is a goal) is to become a winner of Ultra Long Orienteering distance in Belarussian Championships.

What’s your favorite orienteering terrain and also what’s your favorite running route?

Alex: I prefer open, fast forest with many small contour details. And of course, I like Finnish terrains. Here in Belarus, we have a very empty forest, there are not so many details and I found it difficult to orienteer when I came to Finland and did my first few orienteering’s trainings. I also like to make my orienteering in hillier terrain with high tops. I like rocks and stones.

About my favorite running route, I like to run more long trainings on the forest paths and of course, I love trail running with hard mountains during the race. Also, I like to run on marshes. In the last few weeks, I was running lots of special trainings for developing my speed skills.

You are always super positive and optimistic, what’s your secret of being so open person?

Alex: Thanks! I just love what I do every day and I try to be myself and not build anyone from myself. I don’t have any secret, it is a simple rule – just give to others what you want to get in return from this world. If you want to get love – just love others. If you want to see more smiles – just smile for others. It is a simple rule, but so many people don’t use it! Many just want to get something without giving anything in return.

I’m happy to be part of the TRUE STORY because the brand is giving a good mood to runners through sportswear and style and that creates more smiles to get in return. That’s why I fell in love with a brand.

This is my TRUE STORY, tell me yours …


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