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Based on a TRUE STORY – this is how the most unbelievable stories usually begin. Someone once told that the World keeps spinning cause somewhere, somebody is always telling a story.
If you’ve ever heard of people so dedicated to their calling they don’t eat, they don’t sleep; they don’t rest until they’re satisfied… Well, these people are us. We run like hell. We work like hell. We live our lives at the top speed. We’re athletes, and we started TRUE STORY sportswear brand for our brothers and sisters. We’re here for the hidden treasure – boys and girls with dedication, endurance, and passion for motion.

We’re here for the undiscovered heroes – the quiet guy who runs 10k every morning, carrying a dream of Boston Marathon in his heart. We’re here for that quirky designer chick who’s secretly so passionate about orienteering she carries a compass wherever she goes. TRUE STORY sportswear is here to help these undiscovered heroes to reach their boldest sports goals as our qualitative and comfortable garments were created with the future superstars in mind.
We live and breath sports stories that make you speechless, gives goosebumps on your skin and leave you wondering is it even possible? – the ones that require: “TRUE STORY” mentioned at the very end.
So tell me yours at!

Cause someone, somewhere needs your TRUE STORY to start something great!

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